Electrical Cable Suppliers in Uganda



To offer products proven to be reliable for decades at minimized cost.


Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people by offering high quality energy products


Since inception in 2005, Sure Power Supplies Ltd delivers products off-grid, on-grid or anywhere in between.


As an installer or integrator, you play a critical role in bringing energy to customers when and where they need it. Customers look to you to determine what is possible, offer budget insights, calculate ROI, and introduce them to viable off-grid or edge-of-grid solutions. Because your reputation is valuable, picking the right partner is vital.


Many of our customers require rugged, proven products that can withstand extremely challenging environments, load profiles, and usage patterns. They trust Sure power Supplies Ltd to deliver reliable solutions that avoid costly downtime and optimize operational efficiency.


Surepower Supplies Ltd understands what you need to be successful — quality your customers can trust. After all, your reputation and service are what bring customers back to order more products


Surepower Supplies Ltd has been proudly solving l challenges with non-government organizations (NGOs) and nonprofits to bring quality energy products to those who would not otherwise have it.

Retailers / individuals

Partner with Surepower Supplies Ltd because of our proven recognition for quality, integrity, and service. Plus, technical support materials and staff make it easy for consumers, installers, and businesses to make clear buying decisions.

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